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Navigating Vaccines is a subscription-based learning module. Your membership grants you unlimited access to the vast amount of information provided here. The structure, format and intention of this guide is to provide the reader a curriculum-based format, in that it starts at the beginning and builds from there. No other website or book offers such a comprehensive, A to Z approach, in navigating and understanding vaccine research. An added bonus is that this is an ever-growing source of information and new learning material is constantly being added. Nothing else like Navigating Vaccines exists!

Vaccines are likely one of the most controversial and multifaceted topics to navigate. For those looking to really explore the subject, it may feel like putting a puzzle together with all of the pieces scattered about. Navigating Vaccines brings all of the pieces together – in one place, in a manner that includes the facets and details required to really understand vaccines. This is a learning module that is both easy to understand/navigate and credible. There is no “one study” that will “disprove” vaccines. Rather, it is a compilation of research, un-emotional logic and perhaps even personal experience that will bring you to a decision you are at peace with.  Whether it was a nagging gut feeling or an adverse reaction that brought you to questioning vaccines it is worth further investigation.

The intention of Navigating Vaccines, is to offer parents the information and support needed to make an informed decision on whether or not vaccines are the right choice for their family. The studies and information presented here offers “the other side” to the bias research we are typically presented with. What bias could a researcher, doctor, scientist (or concerned parent) possibly have when questioning/cautioning/disproving vaccine safety and/or efficacy? What do they have to gain in doing this? They gain nothing. They are simply conducting scientific research that is not financially motivated towards a particular outcome! That is the research that needs to be focused on when making an informed decision. The research and discussion provided here are the studies and risk factors that do not fit the current narrative (ie: vaccines are safe and effective) and are therefore omitted from the mainstream scientific community and conversation regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. As parents and consumers, we are entitled to the whole truth. All of the information. Informed consent.

Do not be intimidated by researching vaccines. One does not need to be formally trained in order to learn something new. We are all capable of learning and acquiring knowledge. Be Brave. Be an Autodidact!

[Disclaimer: Information presented in this guide is for educational purposes only and does not constitute as medical advice on vaccination.]

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